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From the Desk of Terry Viney

When the Internet was first unveiled, it promised to revolutionize communications for individuals and companies alike, offering blazing speed at a low price. By and large, that promise was fulfilled.

But for companies trying to get their message out, the blessing was a mixed one: their reach has extended to cover the globe, but the barrage of messages that’s out there can make it difficult for a firm to actually break through the noise and connect with its target markets.

“We have fundamentally changed how we interact with each other and businesses, and we have all become digital, mobile, and social.”  “The world has, indeed, changed. But many business systems, tools, and processes have not kept up with this change. Other than their website, what have companies done to leverage the Digital Revolution that has forever changed how we communicate and market to consumers?”

“As late as 2011, the Small Business Administration listed the lack of an effective website as one of the top 10 reasons that small businesses fail,” he notes. “But in 2013, a website is not nearly enough.”

. “Consumers are spending nearly two times more time in mobile apps than on the Web, with individuals spending 127 minutes per day in mobile apps, up 35 percent from the same time last year.

The World is going Mobile you can’t ignore but you can ride the wave.

Does my business need an App?

Do you have customers who own an I-Phone or Android phone?

Do you ever email your customers or prospects?

Do you run specials or spend money on marketing?

Your business needs APP because your customers and prospects are in the mobile world

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