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CMOs Turn to Data Analysts

As online marketing becomes more and more important, more CMOs are turning to data analysts for research and suggestions on the most effective strategies to implement in the future.¬†Chris Chodincki, co-founder and CTO for R2integrated, has explained how businesses must be more aware of how they leverage data in predictive modeling of marketing success, as well as the traditional data sources that have surrounded warehouse storage. No matter what the size of your business, data analysis is key to understanding which customers you’re reaching and which you could reach more effectively.

How else have IT jobs influenced mobile marketing? Read more.

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360 Degree Videos on Facebook

Facebook is testing demonstrations of 360 degree videos.

Imagine the possibilities! Where this article demonstrates swimming with dolphins, imagine a tour of your workplace, an interactive and dynamic presentation, or a demonstration of your services in real-time, with real footage!

360 degrees require special cameras at the moment, but mobile technology is improving so rapidly that we wouldn’t be surprised if it is readily available before we know it.

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