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The answer is YOU.

From the Desk of Terry Viney

Terry Viney

In today’s business world, we all seem to have a never ending “to do”
list that sometimes prevents us from having the time to devote to building our business.

And very often we ignore and miss appointments with our most important customer.

Whatever business we are in, we have competitors all around us who are offering the same services, at roughly the same costs as ours.

Any new ideas we have, they can copy, so what is the thing they don’t have and cannot duplicate?

The answer is YOU, the customer that we forget all the time.

If we stop getting better, we stop being good.

We need to set a weekly appointment to develop ourselves.

The key areas we can look at are:

Professional Skills: These put us in business, but don’t keep us growing.

Communication Skills: Our income is controlled by what we cannot communicate.

Use of Our Time: The objective in today’s world is to be effective.

Goal Setting: It is very important to remember that the actions we are taking are perfectly designed for the result we are getting. Clear goals ensure that the actions we are taking are the right actions.

We have many things to do, but the most important is to focus on ourselves.

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